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OBS! Miss Ginger og Little Miss Ginger er på min side med Fashiondolls
NB! Miss Ginger and Little Miss Ginger are found in my Fashion Dolls page.

rewigged ginger
minty ginger
old bride doll
minty ginger, clothes not cosmopolitan, but on the doll when i bought her
Fire Chief
brown-eyed ginger clone
brown eyes again - another clone?
terri lee ginger?
blue hair - probably kim, not ginger
bending knees ginger
curly-headed clone
ginger had a hair-cut
ginger with nice wig
pretty clone
gorgeous wig - clone?
brigitte bardot
late outfit
ginger with painted and molded lashes
cha-cha heels ginger
braided ginger
another ginger or clone with an amazing wig
vinyl-headed ginger with green hair and sunken eyes
terri lee ginger
randi or ninette - or ?
gay nineties ginger
clone with very dark hair
probably ninette
wig probably not cosmopolitan, but very good!
toreador ginger
vinyl-headed ginger with rather unusual hair colour
andrea from stashin?
matte ginger - wig original??
curly hair - is she another terri lee?
ninette or randi gardening outfit
terri lee girl scout ginger
ninette or maybe randi
another ginger with an unoriginal, but gorgeous wig - clone or rewigged?
goldilocks clone
finally with the proper hat
ginger nurse
platinum blond ginger
ginger in floral dress
almost complete outfit
another glorious redhead
home-made wig?
matte ginger
leather coat and hat
blue-haired ginger
pink-haired kim?
muffie clone
rather rare outfit
cosmo scout
modern wig
deep blue eyes
bending knees and elbows again
muffie clone #2?
Cha-Cha Heels
2 outfits on one doll
pink and green
black and pink
red polkadot dress
en fjer i hatten
paint splash
bad hairday
safari girl
yellow haired clone
late swedish ginger
all in blue
all pink
original braids and ribbons
Terri Lee Brownie
rerooted Ginger
Hawaii Ginger
Boxed Gigi
Uneeda head?
Maybe a Virga clone
Active Ginger
The real thing?
WI clone
NK Nurse
Smart in navy
Smart in navy again
Very special and rare hat
Ginger body with Muffie head
Mystery Muffie
Brunette NK Ginger
WI Cha-Cha-Heels
Ginger-bodied Muffie
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